SLAMMED by Colleen Hoover

*with spoilers*

It was such a joy reading Colleen Hoover’s Slammed… This is actually the first book of the series, and it’s an all-nighter. I felt good reading the book even though it involve topics about death and the stages a person has to go through towards accepting the death of a love one. I didn’t cry and I don’t think the book tries to make you cry, in fact I fell in love with how the characters settle things with humor and maturity, well some of them. This girl Layken “Lake” just moved in Michigan from Texas after her Dad died and then she met this guy, Will Cooper; her neighbor from across the street. They went on a date and kinda liked each other, the usual love at first I guess but what I like about Will Cooper is that he’s into poetry, slam poetry to be exact and from there I started to like his character.
This is actually the first book I read that has poetry. Coming from a person who likes poetry, I must say that my interest was on a hundred percent even though I haven’t been on any slam poetry yet but reading this makes me want to be in one of them and inspired me to write more.
The romance in this book is cute and even though it has a forbidden relationship going on, it was not gross to read. I was kind of laughing at Will and Lake’s relationship when they found out that one is the teacher and the other the student… Sucks to be in that awkward relationship when you have to pretend that nothing happened and of course when the hormones kick in you can’t really control them. Well I’m down with a cute love story and has poetry, I’m totally down with it.
So if you’re a sucker for Romance and Poetry like I do, you should try reading this too… 🙂
Rating: 5/5


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