SECOND CHANCE by Katie Kacvinsky


I swear to God I’m an emotional wreck writing this review right now, I can’t seem to get the right words out and despite how broken I am with the ending it was still a fun read, I had a few laughs and swooned. I just binge the entire book and I’m anxious what would the final book be like.

While the first book of the series, FIRST COMES LOVE talks more about Gray and the exhilarating feeling of finding the right person and falling in love, SECOND CHANCE talked more about heartaches, in here we are able to know Dylan better through her cracks. Yes she’s not perfect you know…I don’t have wanderlust in me so I may not feel half of what she’s feeling about her need to be away and this made me ache for the couple. I love loner Gray, brooding Gray, jealous Gray, hot Gray but I didn’t like stoner Gray, yep this might discourage some readers but guys it’s just a short phase….. Don’t worry Gray I still love you! …

The idea of happiness here when it comes to loving someone is being selfless. Because you need to see the other person shine and I admire this couple for doing what they need to do and that is to give up their own happiness.. only they have no idea what they did to my feelings, what about my happiness huh?!?.

“The sky’s falling in around me. Stars are burning souls, melting planets, flying comets spiraling towards the crash landing, clouds are ghost. The moon is a lonely unblinking eye.”
(*picturing Gray*, *cries in the corner*)

Rating: 5/5


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