UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN by Renee Collins

Just a moment ….

Ok I’m done!

The book’s cover captivated me so much and the blurb says it’s the teen version of The Time Travelers Wife which I didn’t read but saw the movie anyway and sobbed.

I had doubts if this book is going to be good because the concept of time travel is complicated, you know with all the ripple effect of the Time space continuum any changes you make in the past will alter the future BIG TIME! But in this novel it’s all simple. This book is a fast paced read most people find it amazing, I wish that I could say the same thing. Don’t get me wrong, and don’t let my review refrain you from reading it. I like it, I swooned a bit, the mystery kept me hanging, BUT this book appeared to be silly at times that the plot’s beauty is overpowered with teen drama and loses its depth.

It has a double POV. Lawrence who exist in 1925 and Cassandra who is living in the present and they are able to co-exist in the beach alone and never beyond that. I had a lot of problem about Cassandra, she’s really insufferable, acting like an angst ridden teenager, ugh! Really her dramas tainted everything that is supposed to be beautiful and poetic in this book…

Gee thanks Cassandra!

But thank the universe for Lawrence because it made all things bearable, the guy writes poetry! Yay!

“Of truth and sea, her eyes become bound, endless in the vast beyond. And morning starlight’s milky shine reverberates her soul in mine.”

I love poetry and gah I don’t care if it’s cheesy OK! I enjoyed his POV.

And I so did not expect to cry in the end , I have no empathy towards Cassandra (sorry for hating her so much) but that ending tug on my heartstrings, I think it was perfect and seeing the back cover choked me with tears … because of the tears it earned another star.

 photo sobbing.gif

Yeah … never mind me here … my emotions are useless to you … try reading the book and get back with my emotions and tell me if it’s all worth it …

Rating: 3/5

~received and ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review~



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