FINALLY FOREVER by Katie Kacvinsky

nullFINALLY FOREVER is the third and final book of the First Comes Love book series.. [FIRST COMES LOVE, SECOND CHANCE]

“How do you make a person your final destination?”

You know that feeling when you’re out there having fun and it seems like you can go on with it forever? That’s what I felt reading this book series, it’s like going on a road trip with your best person and you just don’t want it to end. And what goes well with a road trip? It’s the songs you play in the background. Luckily this book series have both; an adventure and a playlist that completes the mood. It’s one of the best things I love in this series.

Since reading this book is like an encounter and a journey, Katie Kacvinsky made a final book that begins with another unexpected encounter between Gray and Dylan that lead to the best road trip with epic detours. It was perfect and heartwarming and reading about them feels like home.

“Sometimes we don’t know what we need until we’re shown what we need. Up until then, we’re only making blind guesses. Sometimes, even when we think we’re roaming, we’re just traveling in a long circle that eventually leads home.”

Because I’m so in-love with LOVE, this book made me fell for it even more. It made me believed that destination doesn’t have to be a place but a person and sometimes you just have to drop the anchor and enjoy the beauty that’s in front of you. That finding love doesn’t always have to be a dream shining in the distance needed to be chased but a constant sun. You don’t need to be blinded by it; you just have to realize that it’s there shining brightly for you.


Oh my God! I know… I know …. I’m such a hopeless romantic and any person cynical about love will gag reading this review.. hahaha .. I’m so sorry ya’ll!

Rating: 5/5



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