I solved the riddle! La la la la la

Seriously though, it was easy. I was really hoping the riddle could twist a reader’s mind a little bit but Sarah J. Maas went with something so obvious. *sigh*

The build-up of the book was dragging for me,it was really slow and frustrating maybe because I expected this to be fast paced. I thought I was reading Katniss Everdeen because Feyre, our beauty is hunting with a bow and arrow looking for game to feed her starving family but hey that’s just me


Then there’s Tamlin, our beast, a very powerful Fae and High Lord, the reason I made it to reading the second half of the book because while I was bored about Feyre wallowing in her own misery, everything about Tamlin is intriguing so thank the Couldron! (^^) .. And not to mention him being feisty with his hands, mouth and *coughs*. Oh boy he is hot I tell you! I’m on fire! Hahaha

“We moved together, unending and wild and burning, and when I went over the edge the next time, he roared and went with me.”

I really can’t say that this is a beauty and the beast retelling because Feyre as a human is considered an inferior being compared to the Faes who have enchanting beauties despite their wicked shape shifting abilities so this is more like a new-adult fantasy with Faerie Lore. If I didn’t read Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge first I might have adored


this book and compared to ACOTAR,, Cruel Beauty was much more spellbinding.

I loved what Sarah J. Maas did to the Throne of Glass series that I’m expecting too much from this book; nevertheless I still enjoyed it and if it wasn’t for Rhysand, another character that I love here, I would not be compelled to read the sequel.

Rating: 3/5


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