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This book was a struggle for me to read starting from chapter 2. I was really disappointed because it has a very promising start. This novel revolves around Greek mythology, gods and their minions who are after the Sphinx because they are known to be a monster; a cursed creature but also a human. The concept is compelling enough to let you dive into this world however the execution failed to impress me instead it left me bored with a headache.

I wanted it to have a back story where the world or setting is explained; I assumed that it was set in the modern world where people were not aware that gods, demigods and other mythological creatures exist for real and that the students were just having their lessons in mythology. It turns out that People are indeed aware that these mythological gods exist and I only known that when I was about 48% done with my reading. I was so confused and frustrated about that detail because it’s essential in the word building.

I also wanted to know why the Sphinx is cursed and why the gods wanted them dead even though there was a prequel novella but it helps to let readers refresh their history. The build-up was really slow and just when it has something going on it abruptly stops. It was really killing me and I feel that Hope, our main character has a Bella Swan vibe in her. I wanted to love her but I hated her even more. Sorry y’all!

Another thing is the romance. I love some romance in my books but here it’s just feels so forced, it all feels so cliché and there is no chemistry between Athan and Hope. I was really hoping the romance might stir my frustrations away but only it adds up. This book has a lot of clutter and the ending didn’t even leave an impression. I hope it gets better for the sequel though.

rating: 1/5

(a digital copy of this book was provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review)



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