BULLY (a Fall Away novel) by Penelope Douglas

book cover

I wish I could rate this book higher because I did enjoy it, it’s engaging enough to make me stick with it through the end but what I don’t like in this book is how it screams SEXISM so much.

“This is how bullies are made.”

It has a very intriguing plot. I really want to know as to why Jared became such a bully to Tate even though it was explained towards the end I feel like I need to read more of it than his badass car or his tattoo, his chiseled body and his gorgeous face, ok maybe I kinda liked reading that too but what I’m saying is that I think he’s oversexualized that the main subject in this story which is about bullying is being forgotten or twisted into something sexy. Did I assume too much? BULLYING IS NEVER SEXY!

“I want to touch you.” His words were against my lips now. “I want to feel what’s mine. What’s always been mine.”

piss off!

of course!

Yeah that’s about it..

I don’t like Tate because she thinks she’s so good, she’s unlike other girls who she refer to as sluts and of course everybody loved her because she’s so beautiful and innocent blah blah blah .. more like immature and exasperating. She hates Jared but she wants him. And Jared? I love all about him physically, he’s HOT but he’s a jerk and a bully who torments the person he loved because he can’t hurt who he wants to hurt, basically his anger is all a projection and he’s a double jerk for claiming her and of course Tate just let go of all those bullied years and forgave him. Wow like THAT EASILY!? *sigh* I just expected too much I guess.

Rating: 2/5


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