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This is the first Sophie Ranald book that I’ve read but I got to tell you that I have a love and hate relationship with it.

The title really caught my attention You can’t fall in love with your Ex (can you?). It makes a good chick-lit title, so I picked this up hoping that it will swoon me to the end.

This book is about Laura, a married woman, has two adorable children and a loving husband, Jonathan but everything changed when she met her Ex, Felix in a Midsummer Night’s Dream play, their meeting was really swoony, it’s just so romantic that I kept replaying it in my mind.. *sigh*…

You see Laura is a ballet dancer, she and Felix actually but something happened to her that made her throw her dream away and now she’s a housewife struggling with her mommy and wifely duties.

Ranald engaged me by putting some humor to her writing despite being serious. She brings you back to what happened 15 years ago and the present just so you can compare Laura’s before and after. I was able to connect with her depression when the thing she’s most passionate about did not work out for her and though she felt happy now, somehow she had this incomplete feeling without living the dream and that made her lonely, seeing Felix and remembering her dream and what they used to be.

I really felt her struggle about being a plain housewife with a husband who works hard to the point of having no family time anymore. I wanted to give this book good rating but when it got to the later chapters it had me so disappointed.

~Hold up! Spoilers below~

I don’t care who she chooses as long as the ending was executed properly. I’m not happy about her husband Jonathan for shaming his wife so often despite his apologies. I’m not happy about Felix for confusing Laura and then letting her go and moved on to start fancying her friend in end. Ugh it’s just too much! I can’t stand the ending.

Rating: 2.5/5

~Received an ARC from NETGALLEY in exchange for an honest review~



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