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Hmmm Let’s see, if I was still 14 or 15 or basically a teen maybe I would love this book but I’m a 20’s girl and although I love Young Adult fiction, really I love them and in fact most of my Favorites are in YA contemporaries but this book was really not my cup of tea.

I find it very generic. It’s like I’m watching High Musical all over again, not that I didn’t like it back then but the drama in that Disney movie is somewhat similar to the drama I’ve been reading in this book. It was so cliché that I gave it too many eye rolls.

It has very romantic setting, which is the Destiny ship so I was expecting it to be the fluffy version of Titanic but oh well. I guess I’m wrong. Overall it’s an okay read, if the target readers are in their early teens then I’m sure they’ll love and swoon over this book but I doubt the same goes for late teens and adult readers.

Rating: 2/5

(an ARC was provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review)



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