SCHOOLED by Piper Lawson


Schooled is a novel I did not expect to like given the typical plot; college romance where a girl and a boy had something in common and ended up in a very steamy relationship. If you’re a New Adult reader then you should expect that most of them are like this but despite the tropes, Piper Lawson did well with her debut novel.

New Adult MC’s tend to exasperate me but thank the universe that Alexis “Lex” was not the immature type, she’s actually a girl who wants to be empowered, she wants control in everything she does and doesn’t act on an impulse although there are moments where she kind of did but it’s bearable enough to not hate her, in fact I love her. A hardworking girl needs to break off steam every once in a while, she’s not a robot and not a saint either.

Dylan was an “okay” character; he doesn’t really stand out for me though some readers might love him. He’s interesting enough. Not only that he’s fourteen months younger than Lex but he’s also the little brother of her best friend Ava. And despite his manwhore façade he’s actually inexperienced and a science nerd (ehem .. His Friction lesson was kinda HOT, where do I sign up?!? Hahaha).

I love the chemistry between Lex and Dylan, the whole “brothers are off limits” and Lex’s inner tug of war; getting serious with her fashion business and being with Dylan was interesting for me. Though most readers would like Lex to focus on Dylan but I liked how she’s conflicted with her Fashion business and not hurting her best friend than go “WTH I choose him” but guys don’t worry it’s still a happily ever after.

Piper Lawson’s writing is fun and light and not too angsty. There’s no abrupt chapter breaks, it flows and you can read the book in just one sitting. I only rated it 3 stars because the story was unoriginal but still engaging enough. So if you’re looking for a fun and steamy book and don’t bother about unoriginality then I recommend this book.

Rating: 3/5

( a digital copy was provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review)



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