BAD ROMEO by Leisa Rayven


I unexpectedly liked this book despite reading through our main character’s unhealthy relationship. Bad Romeo is packed with chemistry, sexual tension and conflict. Oh boy! this book is intense!!! With alternating chapters of their past and present, we get to read Ethan and Cassie fall in love and how their relationship came crashing down.

Cassie and Ethan went to acting school together, were cast as Romeo and Juliet and became drama stars. They seem to be these two opposite poles antagonizing each other however their undeniable attraction draw them closer. While Cassie wanted her desire to pull Ethan into trusting her, the ever brooding Ethan on the other hand wanted to push his feelings away, wanting to protect himself from being broken and abandoned once again but all this push and pull in their relationship has become one big avalanche waiting to doom them.


I never liked Romeo and Juliet. I never believed in their insta-Love but this is no retelling of the Shakespearean Tragedy, nevertheless these lovers are star-crossed, in a way they are a romantic tragedy. This novel doesn’t miss on humor too, with stunning theater backdrop, I say it’s refreshing, steamy and sexy. I loved how the story delved on desire, love and hate, trust and doubt, vulnerability and the need to appear strong.

I liked this book, it helped me with my reading slump. If you enjoyed Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover then maybe you’ll like this one too.

WARNNG! This novel is angsty and steamy. It can annoy and exhaust some readers. Do not read if you are PMS-ing!!! hahaha

Rating: 4/5



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