BROKEN JULIET by Leisa Rayven


Broken Juliet is the perfect conclusion to the Star crossed series. It tells us how broken and miserable Cassie had been since Ethan left. Again it is told between alternating chapters of their past and present. Cassie has to face her fears of reliving her time spent with Ethan that shattered her heart. This time the tension is thicker, emotions scattered and more defined and yes their overwhelming desire will not be missed. In each chapter we’ll see how these lovers hang on a tight rope just to make everything right, yes it was a roller-coaster ride!

“The first sob is painful, I think I’ve injured myself, the second is no better. Then all I am is pain and tears and wrongness, and when I press my face into my pillow, all I can smell is the man responsible for it. “

This book drained me entirely, there’s a lot of raw emotions going on, somehow I’ve connected to all of them and fear being the most palpable. The fear of being broken again leads us to shut people out to protect ourselves and that fear opens up to doubt that eats our own happiness while gradually destroying the ones we love. Ethan and Cassie not only branded each other, their desire and volatile love branded me as well. I think they are one of my unforgettable New Adult couple this year.

actual rating: 4.5


I also have a playlist for this book series!!!

Shakespeare in love by Layla Kaylif

I knew you were trouble by Taylor Swift

Fire meets gasoline by Sia

Animal Instinct by The Cranberries

Need you Now by Lady Antebellum

Stolen by Dashboard Confessionals

All I want by Kodaline

Let her go by Passenger



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