This book is so fluffy but other times I felt it silly. I think this book captures teens today, you know with how the internet has been a vital part of their lives and most of the time they tend to become more social through the internet than in real life, a means of escape that is. West Ryder had become socially active in the internet after his mom died, he had made vlogs and ever since then his subscribers escalated to a hundred thousand and even found a special someone through the comment section, little did he know that love is just right their by his side all this time.

I like this book because it’s dorky but I think the dorkiness (is that even a word?!? no?) of it was exaggerated that I had to roll my eyes every time it happens. They talk about how awesome ice cream is (which I totally agree!), Harry Potter, Pizza, Chocolate kingdom. Really it’s all about random cute and yummy stuff) it’s was endearing but the heavy stuff that surrounds all the fluffiness of the book was not balanced or the combination just didn’t sit well with me. I think West took so long to figure things out and I don’t agree with all his decision most of the time, the ending just didn’t impress me but this book has a lot of potential though.

Rating: 2.5



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