Art and Soul by Brittainy C. Cherry

I feel bad for rating this book lower because most of my Goodreads friends loved it but I guess it’s time for an unpopular opinion. Don’t get me wrong….I liked this book there are just a few things that made me not fall head over heels with it.

Aria is an artist and most artists are eccentric so her weirdness bothered popular kids that’s why she stayed away from them or let them stay away from her then she got pregnant with her brother’s best friend. She’s a pregnant teen, her father is not happy about it and now she’s been called a “slut”. She met Levi who is adorable with his beaming smile and his air guitar skills but behind the sunny appearance he’s also carrying something heavy inside. They are two beautiful people who lived a disastrous life. They’re art and soul and you’ll be reading a lot of oxymoron and word definitions which I find cute which at the same time got some eye rolls from me.

They tend to be oxymoronic in every way and I guess the author used their lives as an example but LIFE is one big oxymoron anyway and maybe I wanted Brittainy C. Cherry to give depth to the story but in all honesty it feels a little cliché to me but I still give her credits for the lyrical writing. I didn’t really swoon with Aria and Levi but I did find the romance of the secondary characters, Simon and Abigail swoonier and adorkable.

Despite everything it’s still a wonderful read I still liked this book and the last chapters made me cry and that ending made me feel dorky, maybe it’s just me and not the book and I sort of built some stupid force field so the magic of the book never appeal to me but I still recommend it to every YA contemporary romance fans out there.

force field cat photo forcefield.jpg

It might take a while for me to get out from this shield.

Rating: 3/5



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