The Fill-in Boyfriend by Kasie West



I’ve been reading a lot of YA contemporary romance lately and judging by the cover you’ll know that this is some cutesy book having a cutesy and cliché title and everything about it so cliché and stereotyped BUT I like it because I love reading about how a shallow character discover her real identity bonus the adorable romance.

Have you seen MEAN GIRLS??? Don’t tell me you haven’t?!! Well Gia is like this girl only less bitchy.

It was prom night and she’s supposed to show her boyfriend, Bradley to her BFF’s but unfortunately he dumped her in the parking lot so she found someone to fill in for him just for prom. Good thing fill-in-Bradley is kind of cute eh.

And that’s the start of the romance; a girl desperate for validation, a guy who was heartbroken. It was cute and swoony and I love how you think this is just a typical story but there are issues about social media and having the need to let strangers validate us that is gradually introduced in here. Deep inside we also crave that validation; to have more likes and followers to have more social friends like it give a damn about our lives but in reality it’s fake. Yes under this typical story the truth is being handed to us and I love how Kasie West wrote it like a slap to our faces but easing that burn with some sweet nothings coming from the characters. Speaking of characters, I still find Gia’s big brother an asshole for doing what he did but it’s an eye opener for her to be a better person. I enjoyed this book, I hope you guys will enjoy it too. (^^)

Rating: 4/5



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