V is for Virgin by Kelly Oram

  You know what, I like this book for a YA read because it was light and fun and I love how the story talks about Virginity, Abstinence and preserving ones virtue. I would have liked Valerie “Virgin Val” Jensen for standing up for what she believe in, for embracing the whole virginity status and waiting for Marriage to the point that it got out of hand and made National news, I know that this generation is liberated and everybody’s kind of doing it well not everybody but let’s just say a majority are doing it so I liked her for her virtue, what I don’t like about Val is that she’s so prude she seem to forget that not because she’s not doing it doesn’t mean she had the right to call someone slutty just because a girl wants to throw herself at a guy, really that is just mean and that’s why I do not fully like her but I don’t hate her either.

I also love the slow burning romance between Val and Kyle, I find them very funny and Kyle is being such a typical rock star who gets what he wants except Val and it drove him mad, and the song he made for her was sexy, I wouldn’t call it offensive but Val thinks of it otherwise. He is such an asshole and annoying sometimes but he’s really a sweet guy, I love him anyway. This is a fun YA read for me, I’m the reading the sequel after.


One thought on “V is for Virgin by Kelly Oram


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