Demons at Deadnight (Divinicus Nex Chronicles, #1) by A&E Kirk

You know what? Reading this book made me remember this anime I fangirled way way back. It’s called Fushigi Yuugi … LOL

They were kind of similar because there’s this heroine and she’s surrounded by gorgeous guys except they are not called the celestial guardians of Suzaku but the awesome HEX BOYS who are on a mission to protect her well except for the asshole Matthias. Can I sign these guys up in my Harem?!!! LOL (^^)

To me I think Ayden is like Tamahome … hahahaha … … and Aurora is like Miaka, clumsy and witty except she doesn’t have a bottomless pit for a stomach and she’s badass. I’m sorry I can’t help myself I’m just such a dork back then, till now probably because before I started liking books, anime was my first love.

I liked reading this book, it was fast paced but I really wanted it to be not so action packed, I mean I wanted it to have more dialogue, more explanation about the Divinicus Nex, because I’m just lost sometimes, it’s like everything was happening at the same time that I wanted them to stop their banters and flirting, stop running or killing some monsters and just give me some details. I barely had that throughout this book that I was little disappointed but it was still an awesome read, I enjoyed it and laughed a lot and even swooned for Ayden and Aurora, they seriously got something steamy going on …

Rating: 3/5


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