Drop Dead Demons (Divinicus Nex Chronicles #2) by A&E Kirk

“Rose stood in the last faint beams of sunset.
“Is he wearing a leather cat suit?”
“Holy Mother!”
The guys all quickly averted their eyes and raised their hands to further block any chance of catching a view. Anything to not see Rose in his painted-on leather one-piece that left absolutely nothing to the imagination.
“Stunning, right?” Rose spread his palms as far as the cuffs would allow.
“Oh, I’m stunned.” Ayden looked ill.

I like this book, I really like how it made me laugh so hard even through the chaos.  Aurora was  still the clumsy badass girl, Ayden was still sweet and flirty, Matthias was still an asshole, I was really hoping to like him here. I was really getting there but then he opens that dirty mouth of his. Overall the whole gang was just so adorable. Then we have Rose who is so Fabio-like.. Seriously this book is just so hilarious; there is never a dull moment. I got some of the answers I needed in the first book.

Is it just me because I feel like the revelation did not leave enough impression, it’s lacking of impact for me to say things like “Holy shit!”. Maybe because the gang where just too dorky that I can’t take them seriously…. Oh well maybe it’s just me then … LOL

Rating: 3/5



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