When Joss met Matt by Ellie Cahill

Some of you guys know that I was doing a readathon about the friends-with-benefits thingy … reading When Joss met Matt was in a way unique because it’s a whole different twist to the whole Friends-with-benefits concept. Joss and Matt called it Sorbet sex, like sorbet when you’re eating this course it’s supposed to cleanse your palate. Same as to this Sorbet sex they’re doing. The two of them do it every after they break up with a partner. It’s sort of a moving on sex to get the previous lover out of their systems.

I like the idea of Sorbet sex very much!

Seriously stop …. hahaha

And it’s funny because the two of them stretched the rules for so long that it got complicated and for those of you who are asking if there’s a lot of sex in here? Well the answer is YES!!! buuuuuuut it’s a clean romance, you won’t feel weird or grossed out because it’s the PG 13 kind of sex we’re talking about here… not that hot but I wouldn’t like it any other way. There’s no insta-love, they sort of took years to figure things out, there’s no assholes here .. Wait I think there’s one, oh well at least  not a lot of them.

Although I like this book I still felt the story had dragged on for so long because of the alternating flashbacks and present moment. I know that the book needs to go into these details but it just felt too long to get to the point, some of those in between stories can be taken away if you ask me but again I still like this book .. My fave part was the classic “make-out in the elevator” there’s a twist behind it …

Will recommend this to those who craves … ahahahahahaha

Rating: 3/5


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