The Proposition by Katie Ashley

Another Friends-with-benefits book that I liked, this story is one of those cliché, I’ve seen movies with the some plot either way I like it because it’s a guilty pleasure chick-lit that can also be a guilty pleasure chick-flick if adapted.

Meet Emma who  wants to have a child badly but she doesn’t have a man with her to do that anymore when her fiancée died in an accident and since then she’s devastated to start a relationship so she wants to be clinically conceived and wants her gay friend’s seeds that way she won’t risk spawning a serial killer but you see her friend backed out for the reason that his partner was against the idea.

Okay I was really cracking up reading this because I have a gay friend that propositioned something like this to another friend of mine so that he could have a child too. Guys these things are so normal! Just saying!

Then meet Aidan who is the manwhore (I know, I know … cliché but I don’t care!) he is sweet but has his moments of being an asshole. He likes Emma and since he knows about her dilemma.

He made a proposition to offer his seeds along with his excellent DNA  (the way he brags it) only if she had to conceive it naturally … that means SEX right?! .. That’s where the fun begins!

He did this because he hates commitments and it’s a chance of fulfilling his late mother’s wish of him having kids without being tied up in a relationship. The whole idea is like a business deal, and there a contract for Pete’s sake! But I get why it’s needed.

I swooned a lot with this book, I find the whole being pregnant thing adorable, it was enjoyable and fast paced and funny, I liked how the story developed, I was devastated at the ending but good thing there’s a book 2 to make up for that …

Warning though, it’s a steamy romance .. *wink*

Rating: 4/5


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