The Proposal (The Proposition, #2) by Katie Ashley

This book was the sequel to The Proposition and because it ended with a heartbreaking cliffhanger of course I had to read it right away. Did I tell you that Aidan had his asshole moments?? Well he did it; he did the most asshole thing to do and cheated just so he could deny those feelings his having for Emma. Ugh!

In this we learned a secret from his past and this is were Aidan tried to fix what he’d broken; Emma‘s trust, her heart. He fucked up pretty badly and I think I’m enjoying him being miserable just a tiny bit because I love him.

I was like, you better start groveling if you know what’s best for you asshole!!!

So I was enjoying him growing a vagina when a new player came into the picture. I was worried right away because Dr. Pesh Nadeen is quite a catch; handsome, smart and chivalrous. I wanted Aidan to switch to his caveman mode but he maintained being calm and sweet and still groveling and I can’t stand it even when Pesh was making his move on his girl! Ugh! But when he said those three important words, I cried! Damn it, I cried and swooned! It was such a perfect moment. Did I tell you I cried? I forgive you Aidan!

He messed up, fixed it and made up for it and I was simply laughing my ass off when Emma was in labor. I really liked this book series. It’s such a guilty pleasure read, I paired it with some ice cream and couldn’t ask for more.

And yes it’s still a steamy romance. *wink*

Rating: 4/5


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