Queen of Shadows (Throne of Glass, #4) by Sarah J. Maas

“She was a whirling cloud of death, a queen of shadows, and these men were already carrion.”

It took months to finally read this book because of the hype it’s getting on Goodreads upon its release. I was actually glad because I was able to savor every page, it took me about a week to finish this book and truthfully I was a bit disappointed.

Why? Maybe because I kind of miss the fast paced style of Sara J. Maas. I really love Crown of Midnight for its angsty plot and heart pounding action and though Heir of Fire was a bit dragging, I still got more emotions reading it, but this book just feels too long and I’m angry at everyone except for Manon and Lysandra. Way to go for these girls! I’m angry because Aelin/Celaena just can’t stop being obnoxious, I’m pissed at Rowan because Grrrr why must he be so beautiful and strong and all over Aelin? I’m pissed at Chaol because seriously that brooding personality is getting to me, I’m pissed at Dorian because ugh why is so he weak here? And Aedion?? Nah I think I like him here…

Another thing, SPOILER FOR YOU!!!! Fuck the romance! My Celorian ship sunk okay! Now I was feeling a bit sad for Chaol, hey look they’re not so bad together but yeah that ship also sunk and now we have another ship sailing not sure till when but I really love this Rowaelin or Aerowan ship and I’m scared to even go down with it once it hit the iceberg. Bottom line I like Rowan and Aelin together and though I also find Dorian and Manon more interesting but lesson learned: no ships!!!

Queen of Shadows was still fun for me, I still like it, hey it move me to tears at one point for crying out loud. I just don’t adore it, maybe because we are getting more and more POVs as the series goes on, I did not embraced this change in her writing.

Major things happened in this book, Aelin and the girls just kicked ass in here. Girl Power woohoooo!

That’s right! But though shocking things happened here, major bad-assery, the anticipation that Maas is building up to that big YAAAAS moment just fell short of what I expected. Crown of Midnight is still my favorite of the series.

Rating: 3/5



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