The Score (Off-Campus #3) by Elle Kennedy

Dean Di Laurentis kept me up late last night ..

Both Garret’s and Logan’s story was hot and sexy but the  Life of Dean is everything!!!! Bahahaha

When I started reading this series and Dean first appeared in The Deal I knew that his story is going to be fantastic and I was right because I had so much fun reading this. The dialogue is just so funny and gods I really love him!

“You’re going about this the wrong way, you know. The best way to get over someone is to hook up with someone else. ASAP.”
“I’m not ready to be with anyone else yet.”
“Sure you are. Seriously, just find yourself a rebound.” Dean whips up his arm. “I volunteer as tribute.”

If you ask me if it’s different from any New adult books we’ve been reading so far, the answer is No. It’s the same stuff; hot college jocks falling for the uneager girl. Quite the generic story out there but it’s Dean so I really don’t care … I never thought that the banter was super hilarious and the Twilight reference  cracked me up. Oh boy I just can’t believe guys can even talk about Twilight like this one.

“You know, I don’t think we’re dealing with a Bella’s-magical-blood situation here.”
“No. I think you’ve imprinted on this girl’s pussy.”
… “What do you mean?”
“I mean you’re facing a Jacob quandary. You imprinted on her pussy, and now it’s the only pussy you can think about. You exist solely for this pussy. Like Jacob and that weird mutant baby.”

The sexual tension between Dean and Allie was off the charts. I really like their chemistry, and the drama was not that exhausting to read. I had a blast reading this one. Overall it’s a pretty engaging book that New Adult fans will surely love.

Rating: 4/5



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