Storm and Silence (Storm and Silence #1) by Robert Thier

It’s been a long time since I’ve read  historical fictions and I was thankful that when I chance upon reading another one, I full on liked it. I never read on Wattpad so I have no idea that this story was sensational and the book has its own fandom! Most reviews I’ve seen so far rated 5 stars but I don’t always believe the hype. The cover was not that very captivating, it looks more modern and not fitting of the Victorian Era but I guess the fans were already used to the cover. What compelled me to read this book were the fan-arts. I was intrigued; I wanted to read the book to see what the hype is all about, also to prove them all wrong, that all those gushing reviews are bollocks!!!!

Guess what ifrits?! Lords and ladies! You’re right! Now you can all put your parasols down and hear me out. I like the book okay, I really like it but I do have some issues with it that I liked to point out.

Set in 19th century,  an era when woman had no rights to suffrage and no freedom. Women are chained in marriage, can’t own any property and don’t have the license to get a job. Lillian “Lily” Linton wants to change that, she’s a feminist and wants to be a suffragette and vote for the rights of women. I think her character was inspired by the real suffragette Christabel Pankhurst and that of Elizabeth Bennet in Pride and Prejudice. I love how Lilly was able to bring out her sass and unladylike behavior in the most charming way but though I like her cheekiness she tends to get a little annoying and stubborn at times.

Dressed as a man, she walked the streets of London to infiltrate a polling station and bumped into a wealthy but very dark and dangerous businessman, Mr. Rikkard Ambrose. He offered her a job to his company only he’s in for a big surprise when he learned that what he employed was a female, an abomination, a scandal that will ruin his empire, this is where all the fun begins!!!

I like how Robert Thier was able to create two antagonizing characters; a feminist and chauvinist and somehow able tangle them in a slow burning harmony. Humor is another thing that I liked in this novel, I had a good laugh whenever Lily’s feministic ideas clash with that of Mr. Rikkard Ambrose’s close-minded superior way of thinking. The romance is no insta-love obviously which made it more realistic and you’re going to read the romance part when you’re about sixty percent done with the book but oh my it was hot and they’re not even naked! It’s purely wholesome and oh such a tease! LOL

Another thing, though I like the dark and mysterious Mr. Ambrose, I love him even! Still, I’m quite bothered by his manhandling behaviors to Lily, he’s supposed to a gentleman, and I hate how he denied her, gods I hate it. Uh uh, He’s no Mr. Darcy everyone. I’m just curious as to why Mr. Ambrose has this over the top brooding personality but I guess I’m just going to wait for the sequel for me to find out. Another thing that needs to be pointed out were the dragging chapters, most of them were the part with Lily’s sister, Ella. I know it’s significant to Lily’s feelings but I got tired reading about her romance with Edmund. Apart from that I think I enjoyed most of the chapters and I commend how Robert Thier ended each one with suspense not to mention the cliffhanger that almost killed me. Oh the agony!

Overall this book is a very engaging read, quite spiffing actually (*wink*), a historical fiction mixed with romance and adventure. I highly recommend this book to all kinds of people. (^^)

~A digital ARC was provided by Author Robert Thier in exchange for an honest review.~

Rating: 4/5



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