Isn’t She Lovely by Lauren Layne

This book is such a cliché! It was a combination of cheese, fluff and angst. Yes a cliché straight from what we see in every Romantic comedies and Korean Dramas.

I watch a lot of Korean Dramas and their RomComs are all like this; handsome rich snobs recreate and doll up the weird and unattractive girls and then they fall in love!!! Wow!!! Bahahaha It was so cliché that I was ready to just read and get it over with but just when I was forty percent done with the book that I was liking where the story was headed and honestly I still like clichés as long as they keep my interest. Given the predictable plot I still swooned, laughed and simply enjoyed it because the writing engaged me enough.

I like Stephanie, pretty and popular girl in high school hiding in her Goth appearance because of a traumatic past. She loves sarcasm, I’ve always like protagonists who are witty with dry humor. The girl’s a smart-ass, gotta love her.

Ethan is the pretty boy born with the silver spoon in his mouth who had a messed up girlfriend and family dilemma and surprisingly the book didn’t elaborate more on the family drama which I am thankful for because truthfully those kind of stuff are exhausting to read and I’m so glad the author focused more on the main character’s romance to keep it light.

I swooned at their romance, the sexual tension between these two characters will get you hot under the collars but not too much to burn you out. The sex is just right on the details, it was hot and satisfactory, not overly descriptive for you to cringe. I don’t cringe at smuts but I’m pretty sure some of you will… LOL

So yes I recommend this book if you don’t mind some cliché.
Thanks to Aj’s and Rachel’s convincing reviews for me to read this one ..
Rating: 3/5



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