Air Awakens (Air Awaken #1) by Elise Kova

I wasn’t completely impressed by this book the start was very ugh! dragging! … But yes eventually after reading almost half of it that the story’s pace picked up.

We have Vhalla Yarl, a library apprentice, a commoner who have something special in her. She never dreamed of becoming a sorcerer and manifesting a magic that’s been long eradicated. She shares a special connection to the Crown Prince Aldrik, the Fire Lord with a silver tongue and now under his tutelage.

While the book’s world seems captivating enough for some people, I regret to tell you that I find it to be a rip-off of Avatar: The last air bender.

Man I love that show and the book’s world is somewhat similar to the Nickelodeon show that evolves around bending elements; fire, water, earth and air. Only in this book the story was spun a little bit, but hey it could be a coincidence right?! Well we can’t help what stories inspire authors but I just want to make a point that the world building did not flatter me the least.

Another thing that bothered me was the romance. It was kind of fast but I wouldn’t call it insta-love either. It was unsettling that I find the pacing picking up just when the romance started to get juicy. It was very Cinderella-ish but I like broody Prince Aldrik so the romance grew on me. The climax of the story till the way the book ended was awesome so overall it was a fair read and I’m actually excited for the 2nd book. I was impressed by Vhalla’s character development so I’m anxious to read how it will play out next.

I’d say give this book a try, if you’re not bothered by romance and is a lover of fantasy then I think you may like it. (^^)

Rating: 3/5



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