Earth’s end (Air Awakens #3) by Elise Kova

You know what, the sequel Fire Falling was amazing for me, it had the right element to make it interesting, I really like Vhalla and Aldrik and the romance there had just the right balance in the story but oh my gods by the mother sun THIS book was all about romance!!!. … I just got sick of it!

Today, they would draw a line in the sand. On one side, they would stand, on the other, the Emperor and her death.

The start was really good, and I was hoping to know more about the other characters. I was expecting to know about Jax because  he’s interesting. Really!!! I think Elise Kova failed to give credit to the secondary characters and just focus on the fuckin romance, come on! What about the friendship and war strategies? There’s not much going on until the last fifty pages of the book.  And what about Vhalla being the beacon of hope and  victory? More like a beacon of hope for Aldrik?!

It’s just not enough and it’s infuriating because I LOVE ALDRIK so much and it broke my heart to read all the hateful words he uttered, I immensely HATE the Emperor for being one step ahead of their plans.*insert tantrums here*. But I still believe this series will get better, given the ending of this book I think it has a shot for redemption, I just hope that Elise Kova will focus more on other things like explaining more about the knights of Jadar, the crystal axe, more glimpse on Vi the fortune teller, more interactions with secondary characters, a  balance romance and fixing the mess she made with Aldrik! because seriously I just can’t take the all consuming sappy romance that made the book lost it’s depth.


Rating: 2.5/5




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