Habang wala pa sila by Juan Miguel Severo

It took only one video to make me love this guy. It was a spoken word Poetry uploaded by Word Anonymous. He performed Ito na ang huling tula na isusulat ko para sayoand I was in awe because he delivered it with so much passion, I can feel every word cut deep in my heart and sure I’m not the only one who noticed because he became a hit in the Philippine social media.

This book is a collection of his spoken word poetry, I love this book and his poems but I like it even more when he’s performing them because from there the emotions are transparent. You can clearly see the pain, the love and every other emotions through his performance. I think this guy really know what heartbreak means, I got to see him perform once and I tell you it’s different to experience it live because I was almost in tears, my heart just wants to explode ..


During his interview, he said that the best advice that he can give to those aspiring poets is whenever you have an inspiration, like a riff of an idea, even just a line, write it down or record them, you’ll never know it’ll be a masterpiece when you get back at it and comes bursting out of you..

His fame in the social media has inspired young people in the Philippines to embrace Poetry; especially Spoken word Poetry. I wish I have the guts to even do that. So I’m just going to settle with the written ones for now…  and because I’m shameless I want to show you mine here.

LOL (^^)


Rating: 4/5


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