Lady Midnight (The Dark Artifices #1) by Cassandra Clare

I really wasn’t planning on reading this series because I thought to myself, I think I had enough of Shadowhunters. They’ve been the best and I have to move on right?!! But the hype got to me and yeah maybe I’ll read this series and hopefully it’ll be the last.

This book is investigating the death of Emma’s parents, because she doesn’t believe that it’s the result of the dark war but she believes it has something to do with Fae magic but since the The Shadowhunters made a cold peace were Shadowhunters and Downworlders are forbidden to have anything to do with Fae since they had aid Sebastian Morgenstern in the Dark War that killed many Shadowhunters, the investigation must be kept secret.

I thought the book started really slow and from the moment Emma appeared and she kept talking about Julian being her Parabatai I knew that there’s going to be a forbidden romance thingy, again! actually I’ve known this back when I was reading City of Heavenly Fire, it was kind of obvious. I really wasn’t digging their romance, In truth I feel sorry for them.It’s just sad to even hide what you feel.

I was caught with emotion reading about Julian and how he has to lie and be tough to keep his family. I think this book is a bit mature. These kids had lost their parents basically they’re childhood’s was stripped away from them to  live like adults and survive. I love the value of family here, it warms my heart as well as break it.

Another thing. Mark Blackthorn‘s sexual orientation. Dammit I just really want him to be straight you know? and no I don’t want to ship him with Kieran because I want him straight!!! but Cassandra Clare made Mark and Kieran’s relationship so juicy to read I can’t help but demand for more… LOL^^  and the ending were Mark had said such promising words to Emma did it for me…. I want Mark Blackthorn, I don’t care if he’s Bisexual!


Things I also loved in this book:

  • the appearance of Jem and Tessa
  • The appearance of Jace and Clary, Magnus and Alec
  • and the mysterious Herondale
  • Perfect Diego
  • Mark can’t help his Fey charm
  • the ending

Rating: 4/5





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