Adorkable by Cookie O’Gorman



Really this book is equally dorky and adorable. I’ve been craving for a book that just gives me something simple but at the same time enjoyable. The plot is something you’ve read like a million times but you never get tired of it because face it, they make us giddy and you know the word “kilig“?  We have that slang word in the Philippines whenever we fangirl and swoon on everything romantic and sweet. I felt the “kilig” here!!! LOL^^

Sally is the dorky girl; she’s a Harry Potter, Star Wars, Star trek and a comic fanatic. If you’re a dork just like her you’ll be smiling at every reference. She’s very tired of the constant disastrous blind dates that her matchmaking Mom and friend, Hooker sets her up. She badly needed and fake boyfriend (F.B.F)  and the only convenient guy for the job is her best friend Becks which she secretly have feeling for. What started out to be convenient may turn out to be complicated after all when she’s all worked up every time Becks tries to touch her.

The story is predictable but I’m not complaining because I’m having so much fun reading it because again,”kilig“. Fans of Kelly Oram‘s works will like this book, also if you crave for something fluffy , light and dorky to read then better check this out.

Rating: 3/5






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