Undecided by Julianna Keyes

Contrary to the misleading cover, just in case it’s a turn off for you, there is NO LOVE TRIANGLE in this book.

Well this turned out to be one of those books that are so engaging to read. It has the right pacing and the writing is well written and something you can easily follow through. Nora Kincaid is the good girl, referred to as boring in High School but decided to make her freshmen college life more interesting; she partied, drank too much, hook up and end up being arrested. No she did not take everything to moderation and so she had to face the consequences of her bad choices. Her only solution is to start over.

I went from zero to sixty without ever taping the brakes, and eventually I spun out. So here I am, back to zero, hunkered down, paying for all my fun.

But nothing could have prepared her for the awkward moment of being room mates with the guy she just hooked up with. Apparently, Kellan can’t seem to remember her and Crosbie his best friend seems to have the hots for her. And like many New Adults books you’ll be expecting sex in here but not too much for you to overly cringe (I think.. LOL^^) It’s just so refreshing to read about guys that doesn’t slut shame women. Believe me, most NA books do that and It’s exhausting. Kellan and Crosbie are nice, they are so sweet and such a gentleman to Nora, although sometimes they can also be such guys who view women in graphical ways but oh well you can’t expect them to be perfect.

I like how this book pointed out double standards because let’s face it I hate it when guys can just flirt and hook up with just everyone without bothering to remember their names and can get away with it but when girls tries to get the same fun they’re called sluts therefore guys can have the excuse to just bang and forget them. I wish this book had put more emphasis on this detail instead of squeezing in Nora’s parents and their marriage issues.

Another thing is the romance, it’s cute, nothing angsty and no too much drama but It still felt that there should have been more to it but no worries though  because the writing will make up for everything that’s lacking in this book.

Will recommend this to NA fans and to those who are looking for easy NA reads.

Rating: 3/5




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