Double Standards by Judith McNaught

This is my first Judith McNaught book and though I have a problem with the story there’s no denying that the author knows how to weave her words and pull a readers attention. Her lyrical prose is stunning. I am in love with it however I am not in love with the story’s ending or the Main Character’s love interest.

Like I said, I love alpha males but I just really can’t put up with guys manhandling women. There’s just no excuse unless it’s use for pleasure. I understand how couples are into kinky stuff like that but this guy in the story is the worst; a guy who claims he loves the woman and then suddenly drops her, ruin her value just because he was hurt or felt betrayed. Can’t a woman explain herself first? Can’t she at least deserve that?

I would have rated this higher if I find justice for the ending but no can do.

Rating: 2/5



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