The Forbidden Wish by Jessica Khoury

This book is a very good retelling of Alladin. Seriously I want it to be made into a movie. I was reading this book while my mind wanders to the little me who was watching Disney‘s Alladin.

I love that animation so much, I swooned over that magic carpet ride that Alladin and Jasmine did. It had me singing “A whole new world” for two weeks but after reading this book it felt like my childhood was a lie.

I know nothing about the depth of loneliness the Jinni feels inside that lamp, all I care was Alladin and and his stupid wishes and his happily ever after.

“Time has a different meaning for me, and these events that seem so monumental in the moment will one day be nothing more than a line in a scroll. These humans are but letters to be inked into history. A hundred years from now, I will be free. I will have forgotten their names and faces, and the struggles they have will not matter. Time has a way of burying things, shifting like the desert and swallowing entire civilizations, erasing them from map and memory. Always, in the end, everything returns to dust.”

I’m glad this book gave me that story. A chance for the Jinni to fall in love and have her wishes come true ( Yes the Jinni here is a woman) . The writing just captivated me, it’s all so enchanting and lush. Zahra‘s voice really captured my attention from start to finish. A Jinni so powerful but also flawed, wise but has moments of hesitation, and like humans she’s also vulnerable to love.

I love how flirty Alladin can be. He is such a guy, No he’s not your Romeo who flatters you with fancy words. He just flatters you period.

“You’re very pretty,” he murmurs, his voice thick with sleep, “for a jinni.”

“Have you met many jinn?”

“No.” His lips curl into a dazed grin.

“But I’ve met a lot of pretty girls.”

And the ending?


Rating: 4/5



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