Water’s Wrath (Air Awakens #4) by Elise Kova

You know what I know that Vhalla loves Aldrik and vice versa but please I just want them to just forget about how they miss and love each other for once. Please please please please~

Seriously these characters should just stop with the wind walker obsession. I just hate it when Vhalla is some kind of a tool to be used again and again for these bastards because of her power. The girl is not a slave anymore, she earned her freedom, she’s not a doormat you A-holes!!!

And BaldairBaldair !!!! WTF you made me cry!!! I can’t .. I just can’t hold my tears. I’m just surprised that I’m crying because of him … Damn you Baldair! *creys*

I’m just going to see through the end of this series. I love Elise Kova‘s writing but sometimes she overwrites some elements in the book which leaves the other parts to be underwhelming. I hope she does better next time .

Rating: 3/5




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