Hana-kun to Koisuru Watashi by Fuyu Kumaoka


Volumes: 10+
Chapters: 42
Status: ongoing
Genres: Shoujo, Romance, School, Slice of Life


Nanase Sakashita is good at playing the role of Model Student but that doesn’t stop her from taking an interest in Hana-kun, the schools delinquent. Hana-kun accidently drops a small box while sneaking around on the school grounds. When Nanase tries to return the box, Hana-kun tells her to keep it for its already to late to give it to the person he likes, who is this person?



I really loved how this manga is so simple yet it captures how real a person who is in love feels. Sometimes you fall for the peculiar guy who doesn’t match you. Delinquents are often misunderstood, the stigma that the society view them are construed wrongly, that they are not worthy to be loved but all people deserve to be loved. This manga offers us the a slice of life, all of us have someone we love but often enough they are not reciprocated. Unrequited love is really sad, I know we all have been victims of this kind of love but yeah that’s life for you. (^^)


Rating: 4/5


2 thoughts on “Hana-kun to Koisuru Watashi by Fuyu Kumaoka

  1. I’m in love with this manga! Been reading it for some years now. I love how it’s different from those cliche shoujo manga, and how naturally their relationship developed! ❤

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