She is young by Donggul Gom, JS

Chapters: 74
Status: Complete
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Ecchi/smut, Mature, Romance, Seinen, Supernatural
Synopsis: none



Recently I’ve been immersing myself to reading a lot of Manhwa (korean web comics) … and lately I’ve been craving the mature/romance/ecchi/harem/comedy/NTR genres when I stumble upon this. Oh please I know what you’re thinking but I just want my reads to be of variety and I kinda appreciate this even though I’m a lady but I must say that the guys got the majority of reading this type of Manhwa.

I like how the romance involved time travel. I think the concept maybe a little cliche but still I loved how it’s done. Jia and Duk-shin have been a couple for 10 years but lately Duk-shin felt like they’ve lost their passion. Sex has become tedious and they’re like operating on tolerance. It made him miss how Jia was when they dated a few years back, it made him miss how their first time felt like and wished that he could re-live it over again. And then it happened! The Jia from the past traveled back to fix the future.

The start was slow but the humor was there but then surprisingly the plot got heavier, we get to see how their relationship crumbled when a third party got involved and of course there’s also the financial and family issues, the slice of life was there. I never know why Jia’s father is always mentioned in some scenes but he’s actually very important in the story, and I’m really not gonna tell you more of it because I’m just gonna spoil it for you. There’s a  numerous amount of adult content in here, they are highly graphical and steamy (some of it are ridiculous!) so if you’re easily offended then better stay away, I repeat stay away! LOL^^   But I love how it’s done, I am very much satisfied with the ending and the epilogue is just so worth it! *cries*

Rating: 3.5/5



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