Dwellers by Eliza Victoria

I’ve been hunting for this book at our local bookstores for months now because it’s always unavailable but at last I bought it and finally read this amazing book!

This is my first Eliza Victoria book, the blurb and the cover compelled me to read this and of course the reviews I’ve seen in Goodreads fueled my interest.

The story begins when two cousins inhabit the bodies of two brothers Louis and Jonah, all is well but then they found a dead body inside a freezer down the basement. The story progresses as they unravel the mystery surrounding the dead body as well as the involvement of the bodies they now dwelled in. This novella actually has two parts and the ending of part 1 threw me off because d-a-y-u-m! Then comes part 2 which is actually a backstory of the main characters, part 2 was more darkly engrossing and the two parts complimented each other. For such a short read Eliza Victoria’s Dwellers has it all, mixing crime, mystery, and supernatural powers in Philippine setting in this stunning novella.

“We are doomed because we are all connected but alone we won’t survive. So we are all doomed. Even if you follow all the rules, someone, somewhere, won’t and it will be the end of you. If a life is defined by how it ends, then no life has meaning because every life ends with nothing.”

After reading this book, it made me thought about escapism. People seek entertainment and engage in their own fantasy to escape how stressful and cruel reality is. We imagine ourselves in the lives of other people living our dream but unlike the dwellers in the bodies of Jonah and Louis we can always go back to own selves and accept the truth. Sometimes escaping is not always the answer we seek, tragic as it seems but it always get you back to where you started.

“I wish things would end a different way. But here we are.”

I highly recommend this book! Fans of speculative fiction will love this.

Rating: 5/5



7 thoughts on “Dwellers by Eliza Victoria

    1. Joey I hope you can read it too … I love it so much! I hope to read more of this kind of Filipino literary … I’m actually reading Sir Egay’s Janus Silang now … I’m kinda slow at reading Filipino though … *shame*

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