Si Janus Silang at ang Tiyanak ng Tabon by Edgar Calabia Samar


I love this series! More so because it’s a book coming from a Filipino author. Some would say that it’s like Harry Potter or Percy Jackson maybe because the book is  marketed as YA and it has a young boy as the protagonist but the story is very Filipino, at the same time people especially kids will relate to. It’s about a boy named Janus Silang who participated in an online tournament game but his companions died after finishing a difficult level, he’s the only survivor in that internet cafe who played Terra Anima Legion of Anitos (TALA) online, not only that, a series of deaths have been reported all over the country linking to the online game.

I’m not into playing Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPG) that’s why  sometimes it’s hard to get the feel of it but the author explained the gameplay, the characters and other terms used in the online game satisfactorily without being verbose that I was able to understand them but if you’re a gamer you’ll quickly get into what he’s talking about. I love Janus Silang as a character because he portrays the kids of todays generation. Kids today are into online games and other tech-y stuff that some are even addicted, they enjoy the company of peers,  and are also fledglings in love. Not only that he represents every kid who fantasize of being a hero who saves the world from the evil forces.

It also fascinates me that the TALA online made use of the Filipino folklore as the game’s concept. As the use of internet has become more convenient nowadays, kids have more access to foreign cultures and embracing them, gradually forgetting our Filipino cultures and lore. Reading this book is also a great way to introduce and revisit our folklore to everyone.

Fan art by Rojan Elmo Barcelon [Instagram: rojanmong]
With a certain degree of epicness, this book enthralled me with its horror and mystery, the Tiyanak seriously scared me, I had to sleep with the lights on! (LOL^^) … and like the Harry Potter series, this is a kids book that transcends ages. I hope it  can also be translated to appeal to foreign readers.

I highly recommend this book to Filipino readers! Read it!


Rating: 5/5





6 thoughts on “Si Janus Silang at ang Tiyanak ng Tabon by Edgar Calabia Samar

    1. hindi ko ba nabasa.. hehe but I already bought it with me .. I was thinking of reading it a month before the 3rd book’s publication date … (^^)



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