Him (Him #1) by Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy

“What’s good about going gay?” I nudge him back under the table.
“well dicks,” he says. “Obvs”

I feel so oddly satisfied and blissful to read about HOT DUDES …. I repeat! HOT DUDES making out!!!!! This is a win-win situation for me because I get to have two hot hockey jocks as MCs, and they are just so adorable together! Seriously I’m jealous, I want squeeze right there between them. LOL^^ but I guess Wes would not approve .. hahaha I’m sorry my thoughts are still somewhere in the book and it won’t leave it for some reason.

This is one of those bestfriends-turned-lovers kind of romance, the m-m version. I know that this trope has been done over and over in every romance books but somehow I like how Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy did it in this m-m book.

Wes has an inner conflict to keep his distance from Jamie because of his sexual orientation. It’s hard to be gay struggling to be accepted by everyone but it’s also another thing to be gay and be in love with your best friend who happened to be straight and want him to accept you. Wes was struggling to keep his heart and desire tucked in but Jamie was just so irresistible!

Yep he can’t help his growing attraction…… so he went for it!!! Go Wes! Go for it!

Awww so  Jamie got confused!!!! confused Jamie is adorable!!! I also felt his struggle to re-evaluate his sexuality. To know all his life that he’s indeed straight but it took just one night to do a 180, that’s just discombobulating!

The sexual tension between these  guys is scorching hot, you are going to burn! a fan will not suffice … I was reading it with the AC turned on (seriously!). LOL^^

I definitely recommend this to fans of M/M romance and sports romance!

Rating: 4/5


6 thoughts on “Him (Him #1) by Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy

  1. I haven’t read a pink novel which may be as scorching hot as this.Hahaha The pink novels I have read are just classics.
    Henz, you can read such a book after all. (wink!)

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