Humans are like ravenous beasts

satisfying different hungers

a glutton that takes all and leaves nothing

but scraps of ravaged beauty

-Henz G.


9 thoughts on “Ravenous

    1. Awww. . Thanks Joey! I’m sure that you’re more poetic than me. . . little things inspire me so even if it’s just a one liner or a simple phrase I wanted to put it out there.

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      1. Hohoho I have always been telling you that you CAN be as famous a poet as Lean Leav. Seriously, I want to have my own copy of your book someday. Don’t forget to count me in ,Henzi. 😛

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          1. Hahahah But as far as I remember your poems were included in a book published last year, right? What a shame! There is a competition among writers who turn out to be better than ones who who have leverage. I wish I could campaign for you, or just in case someone wants to ask me for someone like you, I would not regret recommending you. Believe me. 🙂

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          2. ah that poem was published long ago, around 2010 .. 😂 Naku nakatataba naman ng puso mga sinasabi mo … In time I hope kahit self published lang.

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  1. But I wonder how you’re going to secure your masterpieces to your blog because everything in the internet can be plagiarized as one FB user is doing. He claims to be the brainchild of the poems he posts on his Facebook, which he just borrows from Leave ‘s ,Marcelo’s ,and other famous poets’s in our generation.F or shame!

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