The Thief (The Queen’s Thief #1) by Megan Whalen Turner

“And the Earth had no name. The gods know themselves and have no need of names. It is man who names all things, even gods.”

I felt that this book is underwhelming but at the same time the story is very promising so I held on to reading it. The book is in Gen‘s POV which I didn’t quite like since I find him very whiny people might mistook him for a girl, but even though he acts like a girl I can’t hate him either for he’s also witty and snarky. There are chapters that are dragging like their journey to find the Hamiathes’s gift but there are also interesting chapters that I love, like the ones where they are narrating stories about their gods. Also I was liking Sophos‘s shy character and I can’t help but wish there could be a little something between him and Gen but alas it’s just my wishful thinking. Ha!!

Nothing much has happened in this book but I think it’s a great start for a series to gradually introduce the world and the characters in preparation for the sequel which I’m super excited to read because I have heard great things about it.
Rating: 3/5



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