Bossman by Vi Keeland

I was up all night because of Chase Parker, No regrets though,  See my happy and satisfied face?

I was feeling a bit bitchy lately that’s why I want to read something light and funny but I don’t have any cutesy books in my Kindle so I’m left to reading this sexy romance and it definitely lift my mood up. I’m prepared to be annoyed because sometimes these books can be so misogynistic and slut shaming, a reason that I always rate them low but sometimes I get lucky to find some enjoyable reads and I sure got that here.

Ah Chase Parker the Bossman, a self made man, young, rich, handsome and ripped, something that romance books have in common but the only difference is that he’s not the Jericho-Fucking-Barrons type of guy instead he’s a man who’s not afraid to step aside the limelight, he likes to see the potential an employee can bring to his company. He’s also very funny and random. And by random I mean he has a random way of making up stories.

I really like a strong and confident female character, and I’m glad that Reese is that way, she knows what she wants, a career driven type of woman but kind of reluctant when it comes to dating men and sure dating the Boss is a hell no but who could not resist a handsome boss pursuing you? It’s Chase Parker! I’ll gladly give in too!!!

The sexual tension between these two is not as thick as other romance books but I really had fun reading their banters. The only downside that I find is the thing about the dead ex-girlfriend. It killed my mood when I was 80% done with the book but I guess that’s the arc of the story, I was feeling kind of sad for him but the ending was perfect enough for me.

I would totally recommend this book to New Adult and romance readers. It’s sexy and funny and the smut is just right!


Rating: 4/5


6 thoughts on “Bossman by Vi Keeland

          1. Thanks , Henzi. Just we keep it up , especially until you have made your name in the world of the full-fledged writers. I’m glad to have met someone promising like you. ^_^

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