No Love Allowed by Kate Evangelista

I read this contemporary romance for the #BuwanNgMgaAkdangPinoy; a month celebrating the works of Filipino Authors. This is my first Kate Evangelista Book and I noticed that the settings of her novels are abroad so this book doesn’t feel like home but somehow I admire her for pulling this off.

I mostly read contemporary romance from American authors and I’m used to them writing in slang but in this book it took me awhile to get used to the writing style. They tend to be verbose and there is just something about it that made me remember my English teacher(LOL^^) I dunno maybe it’s just me but it bothered me a bit. I didn’t struggle that much because after five chapters the words are flowing slowly and I was able to concentrate more on the story.

The book is pretty cliched. To keep other rich girls away from him, rich boy Caleb asked Didi, a girl with with a bipolar disorder to be his fake girlfriend for the summer . The title of this book is No loved Allowed right?!?? but of course eventually they will fall in love. The book lacked character development, and I would have like it better if the author had written more about  Didi’s mental disorder but she kept the story light by not delving into it. I dunno if that’s a bad thing though because I certainly read this with the intention of keeping me entertained and not to exhaust me. So if you’re a reader who really wants a love story that focus more on the mental disorder then you’ll surely be disappointed. However if you want something light and quick then I’ll gladly recommend this book, And there’s an  awesome extra on how to plan your own roaring twenties party. Ha!

Rating: 3/5



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