In the Eye of the Storm (Storm and Silence#2) by Robert Thier

When Storm and Silence ended with a cliffhanger I was in rage because it just can’t simply end that way. I was agonizingly waiting for the sequel and thankfully I was lucky enough to be given a digital copy of this historical romance by Robert Thier himself. Thanks Sir!

Upon reading the first two chapters, I was like Oh hey there he is, the son of a bachelor actually survived the ship (was it Titanic???) Oh goodness! Why was I so anxious that he won’t survive, he’s Mr. Ambrose for crying out loud!!! And nope I thought he’s chauvinistic ways would lessen but I’m afraid it had gotten worse. LOL^^

“He grabbed my chin, pulling me towards him. ‘In my dreams,’ he told me, his voice still as hard and cold as an iceberg, ‘more interesting things happen. Things that involve the two of us’.”

Again in this book feminist Lily Linton and her misogynist employer Mr. Rikkard Ambrose will embark on another journey and they are heading to Egypt on a mission to spy on bandits but this time she’s not going to pretend that she’s a man. I was really giddy when I found out what it was and of course my romantic heart loved every minute of it. I like Lily Linton snarky and jealous, but I’m still bothered why Mr. Ambrose can’t stop being insensitive. I hope that he could at least not think about the money he’s wasting, because he’s already filthy rich!He can be charming but I wanted more from him, I’ve been dying to know his backstory.

I still love the humor and their banters, what I don’t like in this sequel is the lack of characterization. I wanted some character development in this sequel because both are very stubborn about their feelings, they keep on denying their attraction. I wanted some vulnerability, I thought I was going to see that in the desert, although it kinda feels like it but NOPE that’s not what I saw. I guess I’m just waiting for Lily Linton to  accept that relying on a man is not a form of weakness, and for Ambrose to realize that a woman can be his equal. I wanted to see that here but unfortunately I didn’t get it, I’m hoping book 3 will give me that though.

I still recommend this book because it’s still just as fun and awesome as the first plus you’ll get a bonus POV from Mr. Ambrose himself!!!

[Digital ARC provided by the author Robert Thier in exchange for an honest review.]

Rating: 3/5




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