Fallen Crest High by Tijan

Last month I read this and I was quite surprised that I was able to finish reading this book because this just involves too much drama. The drama here is like the drama in Paper Princess and Broken Prince combined. Normally if the book tends to be so dramatic, I usually skim it or just stop reading  but that didn’t happen here, I was fairly enjoying it to be honest. I didn’t know I was craving a lot of teen angst that day. LOL^^

Samantha, the girl who doesn’t give a shit moved in with her step brothers. Mason Kade is this Alpha male big brother and Logan Kade is this happy go-lucky manwhore. They are going to be in a very messed up relationship, again if I was going to read this now I would have thrown my phone or burn it because the teen angst is just way too much but I read and finish the book so I guess it depends on the reader’s mood. It’s like picking strawberry ice cream when you usually like chocolate or vanilla… LOL^^

I would recommend this book if you’re looking for a lot of teen angst, boy drama and family drama because this book is packed with it. It’s a short read but reading it exhausted me, so if you don’t mind suffering then maybe this is for you.

Rating: 2/5


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