The Deal (Off-Campus #1) by Elle Kennedy

Come to think of it I never reviewed this book when I first read it last year, I remember enjoying it but rated it low because I’m reading sex sex sex (ugh!)… I was being a prudish reader back then but hey people change and smutty books can be awesome like this one.

Garrett, the captain of the hockey team flunked his test in Ethics and he needs to ace the  second test to keep playing this season. Luckily Hannah got an A and he needs her as his tutor but too bad his popularity had no effect on her, instead she’s crushing on Justin, the football player but the guy doesn’t see her so Garret propositioned Hannah to tutor him and in exchange he’ll make Justin date her.

So far this is my favorite couple in the series, I love how they started off as “like” best friends and then developed into something romantic and sweet. *insert heart emoji* I love this kind of slow burn, because it didn’t start off from hate, they weren’t enemies that turned to lovers, the relationship build up was naturally done and the humor is everything in this series.

This is such a guilty pleasure read and although it included some heavy issues like rape and abuse, it wasn’t that exhausting at all. I can promise you that this book is fun, you can totally read this if you needed a break from heavy stuffs, or if you’re kind of down. I was a bit bitchy about life nowadays so reading this book helped.

If you’re a bit bitchy now then read this, if it made you more bitchy just throw damn book! LOL^^

Rating: 4/5


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