Sustained (The Legal Briefs #2) by Emma Chase

I was a bit wary about reading another Emma Chase book after reading Tangled because of the sexist MC. I really hate romance books with too much sexism and slut shaming, it’s just not for me, I was expecting those here but to my surprise not so much. bahahaha

I think I’m in love with Jake Becker, apparently he’s an asshole. I think every guy we read in romance book may have started as an asshole until they met “the one” but there’s something endearing about Jake meeting Chelsea McQuaid and her orphaned niece and nephews. He doesn’t do  dating and relationships but somehow he can’t help but care for Chelsie and the kids. It was really funny when Jake had no idea what being with children are, his confusion and him trying to understand all of them using legal terms was just so cute.

“The racket reverberates down the second staircase and spills out into the kitchen, and the two screeching, running kids who are making it do laps around the island like a fucked-up Hunger Games version of ring-around-the-rosy.”

“I told you to stay out of my room!” one of them, a tall girl, yells. She’s a curly-brown-haired predator, ready to pounce.    “I didn’t do it!” the shorter one squeals.

“She went in my room when I’ve told her a thousand times not to! And she went through my makeup and ruined my favorite lipstick!”  

Chelsea’s head turns to the smaller one, who, now that she’s not a screaming lunatic, reminds me of a blond Shirley Temple.    “Rosaleen, go.”    One word and I watch eagerly, waiting for the rebuttal . . . but all she comes out with is:    “I didn’t do it.” Which, in my professional opinion, wouldn’t be a bad defense . . . if her mouth and chin weren’t completely covered with thick, blazing pink, like she’s Ronald McDonald’s illegitimate daughter.”  

Every time he does things for the kids and being there in every milestone such as witnessing new word a two year old utters, teen crushing on boy-bands and boys being rebellious and getting into fights, I swear my heart just melt into puddles especially when he’s talking to Renan and Rosaleen. Beneath that asshole exterior is a sweet man. He claims that he’s not a family man but in fact he’s a natural and he doesn’t even realize that.

Everything about this book warms my heart. I totally recommend this to every romance readers out there. You can read it as a stand-alone.

Rating: 4/5 heart melting stars!






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