The Goal (Off-Campus #4) by Elle Kennedy

I had a hard time completely enjoying this book because I was expecting it to be as fun as the other three books. I really want to laugh my ass off until I’m seeing rainbows but I didn’t get the full treatment.

70% of the book I was like this … serious and sighing … *sigh*

but I least 20% of it I was like this reading about how sweet and dirrrty Tucker is … Out of the bunch I never expected Tucker to be such a dirty talker. I swear I blushed at his words. bahahaha

but I’m glad this book still gave me at least 10% of a good laugh. The pink Winston moment was so precious, I’m still not over it even though they’re already done teasing Dean and his ass in the previous book. I seriously enjoyed the repeat!


I just want you guys to know that I really don’t blame Sabrina for making this book not as fun as the other books in the series. She’s a realist, and her personality is the result of what she’s been through growing up, so I get it when she’s a bit wary about relationships and the changes she’s about to go through. I think she’s just being selfless when she thought she doesn’t deserve Tucker. And let’s just give the pregnant woman a break, will ya? It’s not easy being hormonal you know.

But you know what I’m still glad at what Elle Kennedy‘s done with this series. I would really miss the boys and their funny banters. I actually got teary-eyed after finishing this book. I definitely recommend reading this series, again and again. (^^)

Rating: 3/5




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