Love Me Never (Lovely Vicious #1) by Sara Wolf

See I was reading this book since Goodreads suggested it, I read it not knowing what to expect, frankly I was ready to be disappointed. The beginning had a very Fallen Crest High feel to it. I suspected a lot of dramas, boys, and a lot of  mindless teenage fucking. Surprisingly I didn’t get any of those in this book, well the too much part that is. Probably the sex will come soon but I’m glad that didn’t happen here, but it’ll come soon though.

What made me love this book, or what made me continue reading it was because of Isis Blake, she’s such an odd girl. I was ready to hate her because she’s really this immature female waging war on someone who just want to be left alone but she’s so pigheaded that she needs to bother him with childishness. I hate immature girls, I really do but Isis is the exception. She feels like a little sister to me (LOL^^). And she has this weird habit of talking in random nonsense and saying them out loud sometimes. She’s funny and sarcastic, and I enjoy her sarcasm so much I can’t help but laugh out loud.

And Jack Hunter? Well he’s okay … LOL^^ He’s this handsome mysterious guy that Isis needs to uncover. I like him but not enough to make him a book boyfriend material. Jack and Isis complement each other, I like them together but I like them more as enemies. Ha!

The story was a kind of predictable but I like how it’s written so far, the ending was not a cliffhanger for me. It’s funny because I always get those ending when I watch Korean Dramas so it didn’t surprise me at all but I still want to continue reading this series.

Overall it’s an enjoyable read, but some readers may find  the silly the banters a bit annoying but to each his/her own but I hope you’ll still enjoy reading this lovelies.

Rating: 3.5/5



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