Kill the Boyband by Goldy Moldavsky

I’m sure most fan girls will find this book ridiculous because it seems to generalize what fangirls think and do but really it’s not. The writing is witty and I find myself laughing at how absurd the things these girls have to go through just to get to their favorite boy bands. The darkness of this book is laced with humor, and the hilarity is almost disturbing because fans like these do exist. Their love for their idols started as innocent and then it turned out to be misguided, consuming and dangerous.

Did I love them because they were the only boys in my life who consistently told me I was beautiful? Probably. I loved The Ruperts for who they were, sure, but I mostly loved them for how they made me feel. Which was happy. The Ruperts made me happy. The simplest thing to be in the world. And the hardest.

I’m quite the fangirl myself, the poor girl version that is (LOL^^) because unlike the girls here who can afford to go to concerts and get VIP passes and other things a fan girl can do to support their idols, I on the other hand can only stalk them on social media or watch their growing fame on celebrity channels, reading all articles involving them and get excited with their upcoming projects but that’s about it.

You know in South Korea these crazy fan girls are called “sasaeng“, they do all the extreme things fans do such as stalking their fave boy band’s private lives, chasing their cars which can lead to accidents, hacking their personal accounts and just be where their idols are, they don’t care whether it’s a restroom or their bedroom, they just sneak in wherever they want, some would even try to hurt themselves to prove how committed they are or it can be the other way around and that’s just scary and traumatizing for celebrities.

How many celebrities died because of fans like these? John Lenon of The Beatles, Latin Songstress Selena Quintanilla-Perez, Soccer star Albert Ebossé and the most recent is Youtube Star Christina Grimmie. These are just to name a few known celebrities who were killed by their fan’s obsession.

I enjoyed this book and I recommend this if your looking for something dark and witty and refreshing.

Rating: 3/5



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